What We Are All About!

Young Women on the Steps of ParliamentFormed this year, Young National Council of Women Victoria (YNCWV) is a group of young women supporting the objectives of the NCWV, one of the oldest women’s organisations in Victoria, formed to  support  the participation of women and girls in all aspects of community life.

We intend to celebrate and embrace the varied experiences of women through a younger membership base. YNCWV works closely with NCWV and its affiliates across Victoria to help achieve their goals. See www://ncwv.org.au.

The Y stands for Young: YNCWV provides a space for women under the age of 35 to network, organise, and advance the goals of NCWV within the younger generation. YNCWV exists to bring a new generation of women together to encourage new perspectives, experiences and ideas to be brought to the organisation.

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2 Responses to What We Are All About!

  1. yvettewang says:

    This is an inspiring event for the young!

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