My Experience Voting – Olivia

In the UK, everyone over the age of 18 is supposed to have the equal right to vote. However, during my first experience of voting in 2010, some people seemed to think that younger people on the roll should not have the same right to vote as seniors.

Voting is optional in the UK, but in 2010 there was a record turnout.  There were very long queues outside the polling stations late in the day. This was particularly bad in the constituency where I was living as a student. 

In the UK, most students live away from home, and the constituency where they spend their university life is their home for at least three years, with many choosing to stay in that area for many years even after they have graduated. But local people seemed to think that students should not vote and students were forced to the back of the queue so that some missed out when the polls closed.

I was lucky that time as I had sent a postal vote, but I know people that could not exercise their right to vote even though they wanted to.


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