Women’s stories about the 1995 Beijing Conference

Women’s stories about attending the 4th UN World Conference of Women in Beijing in 1995

YueYing Wang is a Chinese language teacher at a Melbourne school.  Recently she was interview by a member of the Young NCWVic team, Gauri.

In 1995, YueYing worked as a Chinese-English interpreter at the NGO conference in Beijing.  She has many fond memories of her time there.  An album full of photos from the conference is one of her most treasured possessions today.  She thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony.  It was a chance for her to meet people from around the world and make new friends.  She took her new friends sightseeing in Beijing!

By talking to people from other countries, YueYing began to realise that gender inequality was a problem not only in her country but across the globe.  Participants agreed that an international problem needed an international solution.  At the conference, she also gave a speech to Chinese university students about how to be good, well behaved citizens who are respectful and proud of their culture.   In her speech, YueYing also discussed the importance of looking after the poor in every country and taking care of the environment.

Below is YueYing Wang’s pass from the 1995 conference. The second photo on the right is of an Australian friend that she hopes to find and reconnect with.

IMG_3854      IMG_1980


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