Young NCW Vic event on May 4


On 4th May, interns and volunteers, members and friends of the Young National Council of Women of Victoria met at the Victorian Women’s Trust.

The executive director of the Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT) -Mary Crooks AO- gave us a brief introduction to the organization. The VWT is one of the oldest women’s trusts in the world working for positive social change and gender equality. What impressed me the most was her appreciation and respect to for those who are VWT donors.

The Rosie Project is ran by Georgie Proud and Ally Oliver-Perham. The Rossie site is a safe space, providing articles, tips, links and videos with the theme of self-respect and women’s rights. It is a critical component of the VWT Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls to allow Australian young women access to high quality feminist information online that respects their potential and intellect.

While we were there, Ramla, Casi, Gauri, Sarah and Safa shared their experiences of doing internships or volunteering for Young NCW Vic, so we have learnt more about women’s rights not just for our own but for others’; working together has changed our attitude towards being feminists and trying to put what we think into practice. For me, doing an internship at Young NCW Vic has built up another view of life – we cannot always seek for money; doing internship has helped me realize my long term career goal – public service; doing an internship has been paving the way for my career. Undoubtedly, I have never learnt these from school or textbook.

Those who are part of the Young NCW Vic encourage more young people to join in us. Please contact if you want to know more.

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