‘Wake Up Rosie’ APP

The RosieRespect Project is ran by Georgie Proud and Ally Oliver-Perham. The Rossie site is a harm prevention website, providing articles, tips, links and videos with the theme of self-respect and women’s rights.

Recently, RosieRespect launched an app for teenage girls called ‘Wake Up Rosie’(please see ABC News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KUvB6PfUL8). According to Ally, Wake Up Rosie is a free alarm clock app aimed at teenage girls, which harnesses art and music to fight mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Every morning Wake Up Rosie sent the user a happy image (donated by independent designers and artists) helping them to start their day in the best possible frame of mind, and also features a selection of sweet tunes as alarm sounds, donated by local musicians.

“Wake Up Rosie provides a great opportunity for dialogue around how mental issues are affecting young Australians, as well as giving individuals free access to a small daily intervention that promotes self-care. And while it’s aimed at young women, we’re finding it quite popular with lots of other demographics!”

For more information, please visit RosieRespect.org.au <http://rosierespect.org.au/

Download app: https://itunes.apple.com/bt/app/wake-up-rosie/id1028940702?mt=8


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