Students Awards at Parliament House

Where: Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament of Victoria
When: Monday February 29, 2016
Time: 9.00 am for 9:30am start, finishing at 12 noon
Theme: Launch of My Vote My Voice 2016, awards from 2015 re Beijing +20

2015 was an important year for recognizing the advancement of women’s rights. Since the Fourth World Conference on women in Beijing twenty years ago, governments, civil society and the United Nations have translated the 12 critical areas of concern in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action’s promises into changes. On 10 August 2015, the “My Vote My Voice 2015” event was held with students from 10 schools making speeches about Beijing +20 Theme in the Legislative Council Chamber, Parliament of Victoria.

The students who spoke did an outstanding job in both preparing and delivering their presentations. They displayed impressive knowledge and insight into the issues affecting young women in Australia and overseas in progress towards gender equality.  Our guest speaker, panel, participants and women who attended the Beijing Conference – Anne S. Walker former Executive Director of the International Women’s Tribune Centre NY, Yueying Wang, Amanda Xu and Helen Hill – were all most impressed with the students’ presentations.  Some of the students have sent their speeches into NCWV for inclusion on the Young NCWVic WordPress blog: See also the Young NCW Victoria Facebook for a photographic record of last year’s event

Please join us on Monday 29 February at Parliament House when Young NCWV with NCW Victoria will be acknowledging these students at our annual ‘Civics and Citizenship’ awards. This will also be the launch of the 2016 My Vote My Voice program. This year the topic for consideration is Women and Local Government: Barrier to Participation ref. Australian Local Government Women’s Association Fifty Fifty Vision: There is a charge of adults, but up to three students from each school are free to join. Please email us if you want to take part:


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