Young NCWV State Library Catch Up

Young NCWVic group, President of NCWVic, Sheila Byard OAM and Pam Hammond met up and welcomed new friends Zam Zam and Sarah Ci at the state library on 17 July 2016.
We heard exciting news from Young NCWV members Ramla and Sarah M. Ramla has won a scholarship to complete her Master Degree in China and Sarah M whose Victoria University Hockey Team won bronze at the Inter-varsity competitions.
The main purpose of this catchup was to find out who will be available to assist ‘My Vote, My Voice’ event at the Parliament on 12 August. The NCWA President hopes to attend and to meet with the YoungNCWVic members afterward between 12 and 1 pm on 12 August. There was also a review of the potential NCWA event in Canberra late this year. What the conference is and who might potentially attend it.
The Young group also addressed concerns of homeless, interpreters and student campus life and safety. There was a discussion on challenges faced by students during their studies subsequent to high school and the development of linkages made by students of the same course, e.g. The Victorian Women Lawyers.
Finally, everyone took in the Bastille Day French Festival held in and around the State Library!


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