Girls are our future! Young women leading discussion at October NCWV meeting. And well done Victoria Waid!

(Photo 1:Group at October 2016 NCWV Council meeting  Joan Baden Powell, Sarah Morgan, Pam Hammond, Ruchira Kakkad, Victoria Waid, President Janene Blanchfield Brown, Gauri Kapoor and Tenille Gilbert)
Photo 2: Joan Baden Powell (NCWV delegate for Girl Guide Victoria) with Victoria Waid)

The focus of the October 2016 NCWV Council meeting was the theme for International Day of the Girl Child, celebrated on 11 October. UN Women has asked us to focus on adolescent girls who face significant social, economic and political barriers. While they hold the potential to become leaders and effect change, their empowerment can be hindered by factors such as unwanted pregnancy, forced early marriage, gender-based violence and limited access to higher education and reproductive health services.

As a lead into our discussion we were pleased to have two current UNAA student interns: Ruchira Kakkad( Arts (German Honours)/Engineering, Monash, who as a member of Monash International Studies Association attended the 2016 Harvard Model UN in Malaysia, and worked on isssues to do with UNHCR and Tenille Gilbert(RMIT Arts(International Studies with Spanish Language specialisation) ) who is interested in the part played by women’s organisations in progress for women. And we presented Victoria Waid (Girl Guides Victoria), a current Arts/Law student from ACU with her Civics and Citizenship Award from 2015, to assist her with her travel cost to the ten day ‘Young Women Changing Tomorrow’ program in January 2017 at Pune, India.

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