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Being a feminist, caring for men and women

British writer Laurie Penny is a blogger and author who’s penned five books, her latest, Unspeakable Things, rails against neoliberalism and draws a link between sexism, misogyny and gendered violence. At 28, it’s fairly safe to say she has done more … Continue reading

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Days in Izmir, Turkey — International Council of Women, 34th General Assembly

The General Assembly of International Council of Women meets every three years, this year in Izmir, Turkey from May 30 to June 5. ICW affiliated members have the opportunity to assess the achievements, evaluate the progress, and define goals and … Continue reading

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My Vote My Voice 2015

2015 is an important year for recognizing the advancement of women’s rights. Since the Fourth World Conference on women in Beijing twenty years ago, governments, civil society and the United Nations have translated the 12 critical areas of concern in … Continue reading

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